MCA Motor Club of America with Jermaine Pleas



Agent’s Name: Jermaine / ID#: 2234521 / Location: Jacksonville, Fl


Are you ready to switch up or start a new career? Are you ready to become an entrepreneur? Are you ready to start earning good money offering one of the best automotive help memberships available in the United States & Canada? If you are ready for a change, great! For the next few minutes, I’m going to share a grand opportunity that you and others who are already taking advantage of right now. Just to be clear and concise, you must be living in the United States or Canada, and at least 18 years of age to participate in the program.

My name is Jermaine Pleas and I promote MCA Motor Club of America emergency roadside assistance memberships to motorist who are in need of one of the 5 features; towing service, gas delivery, lockout car specialist, tire change help, or battery recharge assistance. The organization was relaunched in 1968 to become one of the most valued company’s to join for your emergency roadside service purposes and earn a living with. Check out MCA Motor Club of America’s BBB rating by clicking here.


You Will Be Promoting MCA Motor Club of America Memberships

The associate program is fairly simple; signup as an MCA membership holder and sales associate, then promote your affiliate sales page describing the services to others. When you convert a potential client into a paying customer, you get paid a 200% commission for every individual sale you make. Here are a list of advantages that are available when you join MCA associate program.

  • Get paid every week on Friday’s for ever sale made the prior week.
  • You never have to leave home, we teach you how to do business on the internet.
  • For every sale you accumulate you get a 200% commission return.
  • You have little to no overhead, that means you earn almost 100% profit.
  • Take the skills we teach in marketing and apply them in any business you desire.
  • Spend time doing the things you love and have passion for, take your 8 hours back.
  • Grow and develop your mindset and expand it quite drastically.
  • Communicate with like-minded individuals who are making intelligent moves.

Still not intrigued, don’t take my word for it. Review the compensation plan that outlines the pay below. There are no limits to how much money associates can earn every week. In fact, our top sales agents are pulling in $10,000 – $18,000 per week strong from home. The key to doing well with MCA is consistency, you must be laser focused on the business.

MCA Compensation Plan

mca compensation plan


MCA Training

You are not left alone in this. The marketing materials that I personally use to promote my business will be revealed to you after becoming a paying member and joining the sales associate program. There is special guidance that you will need and want to know before moving forward with promoting the MCA program. Nonetheless, you are in good hands.

Choice of Payment: MCA allows major credit cards for payment (visa, mastercard, or discover). Bank cards are also permitted for use for bank drafting (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, etc.). Store bought or prepaid credit cards such as RushCard, Greendot, ect. are highly rejected and are not permitted for use at MCA.

Cost: The package plan is called MCA Total Security, the flagship product that offers unlimited access to road services. You will pay $39.90 which covers the first month and last month term. A recurring payment of $19.95 will be drafted monthly to maintain your membership.

Cancellation Policy: MCA doesn’t have members under contract, you may cancel your membership at any given time. After features has been activated in 24 hours you have that option. This can be done by visiting this page and giving our staff a call.

Membership Package Arrival: Your membership package should arrive within the next 7-14 business days excluding holidays and Sundays. In the meantime, delve into the training package and learn how to present yourself effectively.

After completing the purchase for the program and service, contact us at for verification in order to retrieve the training package that has been developed for the purpose of marketing MCA. Press the button below to proceed.


Become An Associate

Disclaimer: Attention, income measurements displayed above is not guaranteed without putting in a major effort. However, $300 – $500 per week can be achieved. Understand, ‘through hardwork and dedication’ these numbers are achievable.