Florence Towing Service is a digital automotive affiliate organization based in Northeast Jacksonville, Florida whom has partnered with TVC Marketing Inc. of MCA. We represent and exclusively support Motor Club of America servicing package plans. Our recommendation and motivation to present MCA comes from personal experiences we’ve encountered as motorist, unlimited coverage is much better. Florence members truly understand the feeling of being left on the wayside of the road, only to pay outrageous towing cost and that is why they’ve joined us. With no competitive market currently in the mix, we are offering the only fee free towing service.

Finally, A Motor Club Who Cares

This is an organization that shares a unique service that actually makes sense to keep under your belt for auto related problems. Getting stranded during travel can be a stressful situation. The organization provides the best towing service and roadside assistance membership that is available in the United States & Canada. We started Florence purely out of passion for helping motorist retrieve an automotive emergency help plan that has little to no limits for the average driver.

Our goal is to connect and introduce as many individuals as possible that has reliable towing applications. Every driver who operates a commercial vehicle, motorcycle, boat, RV, truck or sedan needs pickup one of these plans. So, that is who we are and hope that sums up our affiliation. Don’t travel without proper coverage because you never know when an automotive incident will occur. Preparation is key to all unseen disasters.

Best Wishes,
The Florence Towing Service Team